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    don't build extern.[ch]. · d86470f2
    Mark McLoughlin authored
    2001-11-28  Mark McLoughlin  <mark@skynet.ie>
            * Makefile.am: don't build extern.[ch].
            * applet.c:
            (applet_idle_remove): handle bonobo applets, remove
            extern stuff.
            (applet_remove_callback): use g_idle_add.
            (applet_callback_callback): fixme for bonobo applets,
            remove extern stuff.
            * applet.h: kill extern stuff.
            * main.c: don't include extern.h. kill panel_in_startup.
            (main): move panel shell registration to panel-shell.h.
            * menu.c:
            (add_test_applet): kill.
            (add_applet): kill.
            (make_add_submenu): kill testing menuitem.
            * panel-applet-frame.[ch]:
            (panel_applet_frame_save_position): impl stub.
            * panel-shell.[ch]:
            (panel_shell_show_error_dialog): impl.
            (panel_shell_register), (panel_shell_unregister): impl.
            * panel.c: kill freeze/thaw changes stuff.
            (orientation_change), (size_change),
            (back_change): kill extern handling.
            (panel_remove_applets): handle bonobo applets.
            (panel_applet_draw): kill.
            (panel_applet_about_to_die): fixme.
            (drag_data_recieved_cb): fixme.
            (panel_widget_setup): don't connect to draw signal.
            * panel_config.c: (config_apply): don't freeze/thaw.
            * session.c:
            (send_tooltips_state): kill.
            (send_applet_session_save): kill.
            (save_applet_configuration): kill extern stuff.
            (panel_session_die): add bonobo applets support.
            (try_evil_config_hacks): kill.
            (init_user_applets): handle bonobo applets.
            * logout.c: don't include extern.h
            * status.c: ditto.
            * swallow.c: ditto.
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