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    Title item no longer needed, so removed · 87effeab
    Jiri (George) Lebl authored
    Sun Dec 09 22:35:26 2001  George Lebl <jirka@5z.com>
    	* Makefile.am, title-item*.(c|h|gob):  Title item no longer needed,
    	  so removed
    	* applet.c: a bit of gdkpixbuf fixage
    	* foobar-widget.c: Some warning fixes, also reposition task menu
    	  on show, Fix icon unreffage issues, look for default task icon
    	  better, when no windows are present add 'No windows open'
     	  insensitive item to the task menu, Actually show the icon on
    	  the menu, and strech events for the task item to the right
    	* panel-util.[ch], foobar-widget.c: add _while_alive wrappers
    	  that are sort of like the gtk ones but for GObjects
    	* menu.c: gtk_signal_* excorcism
    	* xstuff.[ch], gnome-run.c, launcher.c, menu.c, menu-properties.c,
    	  panel_config.c: Add a function to show/raise/move to current
    	  workspace for windows and use it for all the dialogs where
    	  we only always have one copy of.  So that say the run dialog
    	  will appear on your workspace even if it's open on another
    	  one already
    	* session.c: add to the auto-update-menus conversation warning
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