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    Mark McLoughlin authored
    2001-10-09  Mark McLoughlin <mark@skynet.ie>
            * panel-include.h: remove.
            * *.c, *.h: don't include panel-include.h. Include the
            actual required headers. Give automatic dependancy
            generation a chance.
            * aligned-widget.c (aligned_pos_class_init): use proper
            enum def instead of GTK_TYPE_ENUM.
              basep-widget.c (basep_widget_class_init): ditto.
              border-widget.c (border_pos_class_init): ditto.
              panel-widget.c (panel_widget_class_init): ditto.
              sliding-widget.c (sliding_pos_class_init): ditto.
            * Makefile.am: only generate the enums we actually
            want. Also don't include panel-include.h from
            panel-typebuiltins.c - include the required headers.
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