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    Merge from gnome-core-panel-1-1 · 36505594
    Jacob Berkman authored
    Currently settings will get a bit mangled when going between 1.0 and
    this.  This will be fixed soon.
    All settings are saved to ~/.gnome/panel.d/default/.  Owen, can you
    look to see if I did this right?
    1999-08-20  Jacob Berkman  <jberkman@andrew.cmu.edu>
    	* menu.c: s/GNOME menus/Programs/ s/User menus/Favorites/
    	* session.c (load_default_applets): added
    	* menu.c (create_root_menu): use KDE_ICONDIR to get the
    	(create_kde_menu): ditto
    	* button-widget.c (button_widget_draw): don't draw the tile if
    	we are not in the button and we only draw when we are
    	* panel_config_global.h: added 'tile_when_over' variable
    	* panel_config_global.c (misc_notebook_page): added checkbox
    	for showing tiles only when the cursor is over
    	* session.c: save/load tile_when_over
    	* menu.c (update_hidebutton_menu): one stupid mistake...
    	(update_back_menu): two stupid mistakes...
    	changing properties from the menu now works :)
    1999-08-19  Jacob Berkman  <jberkman@andrew.cmu.edu>
    	* menu.c (make_properties_submenu): added properties for the
    	mode, hidebuttons, size, background type  (these are broken
    	(update_hiding_menu): functions to support this
    	(add_radio_menu): convienence function
    	* basep-widget.c (basep_widget_autohide): fixed a bug wrt
    	changing modes
    	* aligned-widget.c (aligned_pos_show_hide_right):
    	(aligned_pos_class_init): Facilitate jumping to other side of
    	screen like the standard panel does
    	* panel-widget.c (push_applet_left): initialize variables to
    	NULL so gcc leaves us alone
    	(push_applet_right): same deal here
    	(now that I have the Blackbox GNOME winhint patch working...
    	* basep-widget.c (basep_widget_update_winhints): set the gnome
    	WM hints if available
    	(basep_widget_autohide): update the hints in the functions
    	* main.c (main): init win hints here
    	* panel-types.h: removed unused types
    1999-08-18  Jacob Berkman  <jberkman@andrew.cmu.edu>
    	* *.c: store config in ~/.gnome/panel.d/default/ instead of
    	~/.gnome/panel.d/Session-asd09n09sda/  (don't know if this is
    	done right though)
    	* *-widget.c: general fixes to clean up resizing when hidden
    1999-08-18  Jacob Berkman  <jberkman@andrew.cmu.edu>
    	* panel_config.c (update_config_back): fix stupid typo by me
    	* panel-widget.c (panel_widget_new): g_strdup (NULL) == NULL
    	* session.c (apply_global_config): call the new function
    	* basep-widget.c (basep_update_frame): added function so that
    	we can update the frame when we change preferences
    	(basep_back_change): call this function from here
    	* panel_config_global.c (misc_notebook_page): add a check box
    	for keeping buttons flush with the edge
    	* panel_config_global.h: added hide_panel_frame variable for
    	keeping buttons flush with the edge
    	* basep-widget.c (basep_back_change): only draw the frame if
    	we are no-color and not hide-frame
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