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    add panel-image-menu-item.[c/h] · e16c2484
    Alberts Muktupāvels authored
    GtkImageMenuItem has been deprecated, but we will want to continue
    to use image menu items at least in Main Menu and Menu Bar applets.
    Added files are copied from GTK+ 3.8.9 version and then modified:
    - GtkImageMenuItem renamed to PanelImageMenuItem.
    - Removed deprecated parts - GtkStock, GtkActivatable.
    - Changed license from LGPL to GPL. This should be allowed. At
      least that is how I understand it. See third paragraph in LGPL
    We already had panel_image_menu_new function. This commit renames
    function name to panel_image_new_new2 to not conflict with newly
    added files.
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