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    Mark McLoughlin authored
    2004-01-12  Mark McLoughlin  <mark@skynet.ie>
    	Patch to make the calendar popup display your tasks and
    	appointments from Evolution. Based on patches from
    	William Jon McCann <mccann@jhu.edu> (bug #128283)
    	and Martin Grimme  <martin@pycage.de> and
    	Christian Kellner  <gicmo@xatom.net> (bug #128283).
    	Still in need of work. UI loving, mainly. Small TODO
    	list in clock.c.
    	* GNOME_ClockApplet_Factory.server.in.in: make the applet
    	out of process.
    	* Makefile.am: build the cut-n-paste subdir, make a binary
    	instead of an shlib, build the calendar bits.
    	* clock.c: add tasks and appointments to the calendar popup.
    	* calendar-client.[ch]: hide all the book-keeping behind
    	a nice API.
    	* calendar-debug.h: debugging utils.
    	* calendar-sources.[ch]: keep track of Evolution's selected
    	* cut-n-paste/eel-pango-extensions.[ch]: copy eel's method
    	for creating a PangoLayout with text ellipsized at a given
    	* cut-n-paste/eggcellrenderertext.[ch]: copy GtkCellRendererText
    	and add ellipsizing support.
    	* cut-n-paste/eggintl.h: i18n support.
    	* cut-n-paste/eggmarshalers.list: marhsallers.
    	* cut-n-paste/eggtreeprivate.h: copy bit from gtktreeprivate.h,
    	but they're not really used.