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    Port from egg-recent to GtkRecent. · 83a07b3f
    Vincent Untz authored
    2006-07-28  Vincent Untz  <vuntz@gnome.org>
    	Port from egg-recent to GtkRecent.
    	* Makefile.am: remove egg stuff
    	* egg-recent*: kill
    	* panel-menu-items.c: keep a GtkRecentManager instead of
    	(panel_place_menu_item_create_menu): updated
    	(panel_place_menu_item_recreate_menu): updated
    	(panel_place_menu_item_finalize): updated
    	(panel_place_menu_item_instance_init): get the default recent manager
    	* panel-recent.[ch]: (recent_documents_activate_cb): updated for
    	(panel_recent_model_changed_cb): renamed to...
    	(panel_recent_manager_changed_cb): and updated
    	(clear_dialog_response): updated
    	(recent_documents_clear_cb): updated
    	(recent_documents_tooltip_func): kill, GTK+ does this for us
    	(panel_recent_append_documents_menu): updated with GtkRecent