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    • Mohammed Sadiq's avatar
      webview: Make it more flexible in terms of its size · c6c19446
      Mohammed Sadiq authored
      So far, the minimum size of a GoaWebView was set to 500x400, which
      meant that it couldn't be shrunk to fit smaller devices. This has now
      been made more flexible by changing the current minimum to be the
      default size, and using 300x200 as the new minimum.
  10. 30 Jul, 2019 7 commits
    • Debarshi Ray's avatar
      webview: Style fix · 686fa2b9
      Debarshi Ray authored
      Don't use a separate line to initialize variables.
    • Ting-Wei Lan's avatar
      build: Allow building with gettext ≥ 0.20 · 93627bab
      Ting-Wei Lan authored
      The use of AM_GNU_GETTEXT_VERSION in configure.ac instructs autopoint
      to copy po/Makefile.in.in from the exact gettext version. It is fine
      if the version of gettext installed on the system has the same minor
      version number with the requested version, but it fails if you have a
      newer version of gettext because of the mismatch between autoconf
      macros and Makefile.in.in.
        *** error: gettext infrastructure mismatch: using a Makefile.in.in
        from gettext version 0.19 but the autoconf macros are from gettext
        version 0.20
      Instead of specifying the exact version with AM_GNU_GETTEXT_VERSION, we
      can use AM_GNU_GETTEXT_REQUIRE_VERSION to ask autopoint to simply use
      the gettext version installed on the system to prevent the mismatch.
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    • Debarshi Ray's avatar
      kerberos-identity-manager: Port to GTask · 4b538e06
      Debarshi Ray authored
      This is a minimalistic port, in order to limit the amount of changes.
      It doesn't leverage GTask features like g_task_get_context that can
      further improve the quality of the code. Those changes would happen in
      subsequent commits.
    • Debarshi Ray's avatar
      kerberos-identity-manager: Port to GThreadPool · c85eed8e
      Debarshi Ray authored
      The destruction sequence of a GoaKerberosIdentityManager instance is
      simpler now because the GThreadPool makes some things easier, as
      compared to having to directly handle a GAsyncQueue.
      As before, there is a object-wide GCancellable and separate
      GCancellables for each GAsyncResult-based cancellable action; and there
      are two kinds of operations that get inserted into the thread pool -
      those that are based on the GAsyncResult idiom, and those that are
      internal fire-and-forget style operations. Note that due to the
      semantics of the GAsyncResult idiom, a GoaKerberosIdentityManager
      instance will not be destroyed while such a call is in flight because
      it holds a reference to the instance.
      When a GoaKerberosIdentityManager instance gets destroyed, the first
      step is to cancel the object-wide GCancellable, and wait for any
      ongoing to operation to complete. Then the GThreadPool gets cleared and
    • Debarshi Ray's avatar
      kerberos-identity-manager: Try not to use GIOSchedulerJob · ff08f673
      Debarshi Ray authored
      ... and g_io_scheduler_job_send_to_mainloop.
      The code is too fundamentally tied to the idea of sending a small chunk
      of work from a worker thread to the main thread, and synchronously
      blocking the worker thread while waiting for that work to finish.
      Therefore, a private equivalent of g_io_scheduler_job_send_to_mainloop
      was added that operates on GMainContext, not GIOSchedulerJob, to
      unblock porting rest of the code to GTask, GThreadPool and such.
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