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Introduce a goa-sendmail tool

goa-sendmail is a (somewhat) sendmail-compatible command-line backend for GNOME Online Accounts. It can be used for example to set up quickly git-send-email for a GNOME desktop:

        smtpserver = /usr/bin/goa-sendmail
        envelopesender = auto

(envelopesender is only required if there is more than one account, and goa-sendmail explains what to do if it is not set).

The merge request is organized in several parts:

  • prepare GoaMailClient to allow using the socket after authentication (up to "goamailclient: add accessors for the input and output streams")
  • basic functionality (up to "goa-sendmail: add option -i")
  • add OAuth2 functionality to GoaSmtpAuth (up to "goasmtpauth: add SMTP OAUTHBEARER authentication support") ** this in turn requires some changes to pass the host and port from GoaMailClient to GoaMailAuth
  • add OAuth2 functionality to goa-sendmail ("goa-sendmail: add OAuth2 support")
Edited by Paolo Bonzini

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