1. 14 Jan, 2019 3 commits
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      wfd: Set pipeline latency to 500ms · 3f1e66dd
      Benjamin Berg authored
      The openh264 codec sometimes needs a lot of time for a frame. As the
      latency does not seem to be auto-adjusted, set it to 500ms explicitly.
      500ms seems to work fine, it could be that less is also good enough, but
      while high it is probably still alright.
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      wfd: Generate QOS events for realtime and adjust options · 41d15c27
      Benjamin Berg authored
      Sometimes the encoder may not run in real-time. In particular the
      openh264 encoder element will start having a lot of buffer in the queue
      rather than dropping input buffers.
      Generate QOS events if buffers start coming in late, to force the codec
      to drop frames and ensure playback is smooth (without audio dropping
      Also adjust some default options, including limitting the video bitrate
      so that the wifi link is not over-saturated.
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      Only run sink discovery while the sink list is visible · 5b101e4a
      Benjamin Berg authored
      It is not a good idea to continously run the P2P find operation as it
      requires changing channels on the card and could have major impacts on
      wifi performance. So turn discovery off as soon as the sink list is not
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