Commit 839a1670 authored by Benjamin Berg's avatar Benjamin Berg
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wfd: Add dummy SET_PARAM implementation

If the casting source asks for an IDR frame, then replying with an error
is a bad idea. Instead, just always return OK.
parent 671167c7
......@@ -399,6 +399,15 @@ wfd_client_new_session (GstRTSPClient *client, GstRTSPSession *session)
self->keep_alive_source_id = g_timeout_add_seconds (25, wfd_client_keep_alive_timeout, client);
static GstRTSPResult
wfd_client_params_set (GstRTSPClient *client, GstRTSPContext *ctx)
gst_rtsp_message_init_response (ctx->response, GST_RTSP_STS_OK,
gst_rtsp_status_as_text (GST_RTSP_STS_OK), ctx->request);
return GST_RTSP_OK;
static gboolean
wfd_client_idle_wfd_query_params (gpointer user_data)
......@@ -495,7 +504,7 @@ wfd_client_class_init (WfdClientClass *klass)
client_class->handle_response = wfd_client_handle_response;
client_class->make_path_from_uri = wfd_client_make_path_from_uri;
client_class->new_session = wfd_client_new_session;
/*client_class->params_set = wfd_client_params_set;*/
client_class->params_set = wfd_client_params_set;
client_class->pre_options_request = wfd_client_pre_options_request;
client_class->send_message = wfd_client_send_message;
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