Commit 7a06f9a6 authored by Benjamin Berg's avatar Benjamin Berg
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wfd-media-factory: Use x264enc when available

This enables detection for x264enc and switches to uses that when
parent 8814031c
......@@ -442,6 +442,16 @@ static void
wfd_media_factory_init (WfdMediaFactory *self)
GstRTSPMediaFactory *media_factory = GST_RTSP_MEDIA_FACTORY (self);
g_autoptr(GstElementFactory) x264enc_factory = NULL;
/* Default to openh264 and assume it is usable, prefer x264enc when available. */
self->encoder = ENCODER_OPENH264;
x264enc_factory = gst_element_factory_find ("x264enc");
if (x264enc_factory)
g_debug ("Using x264enc for video encoding.");
self->encoder = ENCODER_X264;
gst_rtsp_media_factory_set_media_gtype (media_factory, WFD_TYPE_MEDIA);
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