1. 20 Sep, 2018 3 commits
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      window: Make repeat keys set state · f9493419
      Marinus Schraal authored
      The repeat keybindings did not set the actual state, so the gsetting did
      not get altered.
      Set the action state as well while using keyboard shortcuts.
      This solution is a workaround for repeat-mode/gsettings interaction until a
      cleaner rewrite comes along.
      Fixes !274
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      player: Remove repeat-mode-changed signal · 366c309b
      Jean Felder authored
      Directly use notify::repeat-mode instead.
    • Jean Felder's avatar
      player: Synchronize Player and PlayerPlaylist repeat_mode · 0d474cb4
      Jean Felder authored
      Repeat mode is saved in a setting. PlayerToolbar repeat_mode property
      is initialized from this setting and listens to its changes.
      There are two ways to change the repeat mode.
      First, from the PlayerToolbar. It updates an action associated with
      the setting. This change triggers the 'changed::repeat' signal of the
      setting which updates PlayerPlaylist repeat_mode property. It also
      updates Player repeat_mode property because of a binding. However,
      this binding is unidirectional.
      It is also possible to change the repeat mode by using shortcuts (for
      example Ctrl + r). This updates Player repeat_mode property but not
      the PlayerPlaylist one as the binding is unidirectional. Therefore,
      the player toolbar icon is not updated and the setting is unchanged.
      Make the binding bidirectional to fix this issue. Create the binding
      at instantion time because it does not need to be updated when a
      playlist changes.
      Update The repeat setting in PlayerPlaylist repeat_mode setter.
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