Commit f2a42342 authored by Jean Felder's avatar Jean Felder Committed by Marinus Schraal

player: Try to load the next song if the current one is unplayable

There are 3 different cases to consider to handle an unplayable song.

1. If the song comes from the call of the previous or next method.
This case is already handled by the previous commit. Indeed, at the
beginning of a song, two validations occur: the current song and the
next (or previous). So, it's possible to check if the next song is
valid at the beginning of each song.

2. If the user tries to load a song whose state is unknown.
In that case, GstPlayer will emit an error signal which is received by
the Player. This song will be set as unplayable and the player will
try to load the next one.

2. If the user tries to load a song whose state is known as invalid.
In that case, the player will automatically try to play the next

Note: The RepeatMode song is not handled because the next method will
always return the same song.
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