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<name>Shobha Tyagi</name>
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<desc>Create playlist and add songs to it through albums.</desc>
<title>Create playlist by albums</title>
<p>You can view all your albums by click on the <gui>Albums</gui> button.</p>
<title>To create a playlist:</title>
<p>Click on the album of your choice.</p>
<p>Click on the <em>check</em> button on the right hand side of the
<p>Select all the songs which you want to add to a playlist.</p>
<p>Click on the <gui>Add to Playlist</gui> button.
<gui>Select Playlist</gui> dailog will appear.</p>
<p>By clicking on <gui>New Playlist</gui> type a name for your
<p>Click on <gui>Select</gui> button.</p>
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