Commit a8804ed8 authored by Marinus Schraal's avatar Marinus Schraal

meson: Bump Grilo dep to 0.3.8 for annotation fix

Grilo get_last_played was incorrectly annotated for the introspection
bindings, resulting in hard to track problems over the years. With grilo!37
these are now hopefully a blast from the past.

Fixes: #131,#286
parent c47328b8
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......@@ -45,7 +45,7 @@ dependency('libsoup-2.4')
dependency('tracker-sparql-2.0', version: '>= 1.99.1')
dependency('pygobject-3.0', version: '>= 3.29.1')
dependency('py3cairo', version: '>= 1.14.0')
dependency('grilo-0.3', version: '>= 0.3.4')
dependency('grilo-0.3', version: '>= 0.3.8')
dependency('grilo-plugins-0.3', version: '>= 0.3.8')
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