Commit 9ba2d6bf authored by Jean Felder's avatar Jean Felder

mpris: Untangle MPRIS and playertoolbar

MPRIS is tied with PlayerToolbar because the thumbnail updating logic
takes place in the CoverStack from PlayerToolbar.
In fact, on every song change the following thing happens:
* PlayerToolbar looks up for the song's thumbnail (via its
  cover_stack) and emits a "thumbnail-updated" signal once the
  operation is finished.
* MPRIS sends the song's metadata without the thumbnail url (it has
  not been updated yet). A bit later, once the "thumbnail-updated"
  signal is received, the metadata are sent again with the correct
  thumbnail url.
This can result in a glitter on some MPRIS clients: the client is
updated with an empty thumbnail, and then, very quickly, with the
correct one.

Fix that issue by factoring out the thumbnail cache lookup and
directly looking up the song thumbnail from MPRIS. The disadvantage of
this solution is that the lookup_art_file_from_cache function is
called two times on a song change. One call from PlayerToolbar and the
other one from mpris. However, this function call is less costy than
sending two times the song's metadata.

Related: #43, #172
Closes: #101
parent 5db215e5
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......@@ -42,6 +42,25 @@ import gnomemusic.utils as utils
logger = logging.getLogger(__name__)
def lookup_art_file_from_cache(media):
"""Lookup MediaArt cache art of an album or song.
:param Grl.Media media: song or album
:returns: a cache file
:rtype: Gio.File
album = utils.get_album_title(media)
artist = utils.get_artist_name(media)
success, thumb_file = MediaArt.get_file(artist, album, "album")
if (not success
or not thumb_file.query_exists()):
return None
return thumb_file
def _make_icon_frame(icon_surface, art_size=None, scale=1, default_icon=False):
border = 3
......@@ -213,7 +232,6 @@ class Art(GObject.GObject):
pixbuf, self._scale, None)
surface = _make_icon_frame(surface, self._size, self._scale)
self._surface = surface
......@@ -284,18 +302,6 @@ class Art(GObject.GObject):
return False
def _set_grilo_thumbnail_path(self):
# TODO: This sets the thumbnail path for the Grilo Media object
# to be used by MPRIS. However, calling this by default for
# every cache hit is unnecessary.
album = utils.get_album_title(self._media)
artist = utils.get_artist_name(self._media)
success, thumb_file = MediaArt.get_file(artist, album, "album")
if success:
GLib.filename_to_uri(thumb_file.get_path(), None))
def surface(self):
if self._surface is None:
......@@ -339,13 +345,8 @@ class Cache(GObject.GObject):
:param Grl.Media media: The media object to search art for
album = utils.get_album_title(media)
artist = utils.get_artist_name(media)
success, thumb_file = MediaArt.get_file(artist, album, "album")
if (success
and thumb_file.query_exists()):
thumb_file = lookup_art_file_from_cache(media)
if thumb_file:
GLib.PRIORITY_LOW, None, self._open_stream, None)
......@@ -23,6 +23,7 @@
# code, but you are not obligated to do so. If you do not wish to do so,
# delete this exception statement from your version.
from gnomemusic.albumartcache import lookup_art_file_from_cache
from gnomemusic.gstplayer import Playback
from gnomemusic.player import PlayerPlaylist, RepeatMode
from gnomemusic.grilo import grilo
......@@ -243,9 +244,6 @@ class MediaPlayer2Service(Server):
self.player.connect('seek-finished', self._on_seek_finished)
'playlist-changed', self._on_player_playlist_changed)
self.player_toolbar = app.get_active_window()._player_toolbar
'thumbnail-updated', self._on_thumbnail_updated)
self._playlists = Playlists.get_default()
'playlist-created', self._on_playlists_count_changed)
......@@ -315,8 +313,21 @@ class MediaPlayer2Service(Server):
last_played_str = last_played.format("%FT%T%:z")
metadata['xesam:lastUsed'] = GLib.Variant('s', last_played_str)
# If the media has already been part of an MPRIS playlist, its
# thumbnail is already set. Otherwise, try to look for it in the
# cache directory and set the media thumbnail for a future use.
# The search is only through the cache to prevent any delayed
# loading.
# FIXME: The thumbnail retrieval should take place in the
# player.
art_url = media.get_thumbnail()
if art_url is not None:
if not art_url:
thumb_file = lookup_art_file_from_cache(media)
if thumb_file:
art_url = GLib.filename_to_uri(thumb_file.get_path())
if art_url:
metadata['mpris:artUrl'] = GLib.Variant('s', art_url)
return metadata
......@@ -451,14 +462,6 @@ class MediaPlayer2Service(Server):
def _on_thumbnail_updated(self, player, data=None):
'Metadata': GLib.Variant('a{sv}', self._get_metadata()),
def _on_player_state_changed(self, klass, args):
playback_status = self._get_playback_status()
......@@ -42,10 +42,6 @@ class PlayerToolbar(Gtk.ActionBar):
Contains the ui of playing a song with Music.
__gsignals__ = {
'thumbnail-updated': (GObject.SignalFlags.RUN_FIRST, None, ()),
__gtype_name__ = 'PlayerToolbar'
_artist_label = Gtk.Template.Child()
......@@ -79,7 +75,6 @@ class PlayerToolbar(Gtk.ActionBar):
self._player = None
self._cover_stack.props.size = Art.Size.XSMALL
self._cover_stack.connect('updated', self._on_cover_stack_updated)
self._tooltip = TwoLineTip()
......@@ -121,10 +116,6 @@ class PlayerToolbar(Gtk.ActionBar):
seconds = int(progress_scale.get_value() / 60)
def _on_cover_stack_updated(self, klass):
def _on_prev_button_clicked(self, button):
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