Commit 962fe7bc authored by Jean Felder's avatar Jean Felder

gstplayer: Correctly emit "seek-finished" signal

commit 2fa4b631 introduced a
"seek-finished" signal by listening to the reset-time message. The
problem with this approach lies in the fact that the seek operation is
not finished. Thus, the position has not been updated yet and returns
an undefined value.

Fix the issue by moving the signal emission in "_on_async_done"
method. Indeed, an async-done message is sent once the seek operation
is finished. A flag is set when requesting a seek operation to avoid
sending a "seek-finished" signal when an other async operation has
been performed.
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......@@ -73,6 +73,7 @@ class GstPlayer(GObject.GObject):
self._application = application
self._duration = -1.
self._seek = False
self._tick = 0
self._missing_plugin_messages = []
......@@ -91,7 +92,6 @@ class GstPlayer(GObject.GObject):
self._bus.connect('message::async-done', self._on_async_done)
self._bus.connect('message::error', self._on_bus_error)
self._bus.connect('message::element', self._on_bus_element)
self._bus.connect('message::reset-time', self._on_reset_time)
self._bus.connect('message::eos', self._on_bus_eos)
self._bus.connect('message::new-clock', self._on_new_clock)
self._bus.connect("message::stream-start", self._on_bus_stream_start)
......@@ -146,11 +146,11 @@ class GstPlayer(GObject.GObject):
self.props.duration = duration
if self._seek is True:
self._seek = False
def _on_reset_time(self, bus, message):
def _on_new_clock(self, bus, message):
......@@ -303,7 +303,7 @@ class GstPlayer(GObject.GObject):
:param float seconds: Position in seconds to seek
self._seek = self._player.seek_simple(
Gst.Format.TIME, Gst.SeekFlags.FLUSH | Gst.SeekFlags.KEY_UNIT,
seconds * Gst.SECOND)
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