Commit 102658a4 authored by Jean Felder's avatar Jean Felder Committed by Jean Felder

mpris: Simplify GetPlaylists method

parent 5e926bbf
......@@ -642,13 +642,29 @@ class MediaPlayer2Service(Server):[View.PLAYLIST].activate_playlist(playlist_id)
def GetPlaylists(self, index, max_count, order, reverse):
"""Gets a set of playlists (MPRIS Method).
GNOME Music only handles playlists with the Alphabetical order.
:param int index: the index of the first playlist to be fetched
:param int max_count: the maximum number of playlists to fetch.
:param str order: the ordering that should be used.
:param bool reverse: whether the order should be reversed.
if order != 'Alphabetical':
return []
playlists = [(self._get_playlist_dbus_path(playlist),
utils.get_media_title(playlist) or '', '')
utils.get_media_title(playlist), '')
for playlist in self.playlists]
return playlists[index:index + max_count] if not reverse \
else playlists[index + max_count - 1:index - 1 if index - 1 >= 0 else None:-1]
if not reverse:
return playlists[index:index + max_count]
first_index = index - 1
if first_index < 0:
first_index = None
return playlists[index + max_count - 1:first_index:-1]
def PlaylistChanged(self, playlist):
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