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player: Revamp playlists and discovery

Jean Felder requested to merge wip/jfelder/player-playlist into master

Here is an attempt to separate the Player logic from its Playlist. The whole repeat logic (in particular shuffle) should be in a much better state.

Some thoughts:

  • it's really difficult to rewrite things with the current state of mpris
  • songs are discovered on load. I'm not sure this is a good approach. Well, I'm not even sure this whole discovery thing is a good idea
  • I'm afraid of misunderstandings between player playlist and playlists

Update june 19

  • rename discovery to validation
  • repeats: use only RepeatMode term
  • fix a bug in songs validation if the same song is present multiple times
  • fix typos

Update august 14

  • add some missing docstrings in PlayerPlaylist and Player
  • complete rewrite of the whole validation
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