1. 15 Feb, 2015 6 commits
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      view: Remove "All artists" entry from "Artist" view · c3769c85
      Carlos Garnacho authored
      On (not so) large music collections, having this option present and
      selected by default brings in a widget count explosion, making the UI look
      slow on scrolling, or operations involving forall() on containers, like
      style changes when focusing/unfocusing the window.
      Furthermore, grilo operations are not cancelled when selecting another
      artist from the list on the left, so items won't be populated until the
      "all artists" queries have finished. This means the user still has to
      wait for that operation to finish regardless of selecting an specific
      Just avoid this by removing the "All artists" option, even if less neat
      looking, the "Albums" view already offers a global view. This involves
      significantly less grilo/tracker queries and widgets on the window
      happening by default on the "Artists" view.
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      albumArtCache: blacklist failed items on all exceptions · aa5ecaab
      Carlos Garnacho authored
      Blacklisting has moved to finish(), which has been ensured to be called
      on all error paths. items are also checked early in the blacklist on the
      lookup process.
      This, most notably, ensures we don't continuously spawn threads to look
      up items that previously failed, the worker/download threads will be
      spawn just once for each of these.
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      widgets: Don't discover items, and use DiscoveryStatus from model · bf1510be
      Carlos Garnacho authored
      AlbumWidget and ArtistAlbumWidget have been updated to rely on discovery
      from the Player object, this means we can avoid performing discovery on
      the add_item() functions.
      As a side effect, the views have been updated to rely on DiscoveryStatus
      from the model in order to control the visibility of the error icon, this
      means the pixbuf and "icon visible" columns from the model are now unused.
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      view: Don't discover items, and use DiscoveryStatus from model · 04c77105
      Carlos Garnacho authored
      All ViewContainer subclasses have been updated to rely on discovery from
      the player object, this means we can avoid performing discovery on the
      various add_new_item() functions.
      As a side effect, in order to show the proper error icon on songs that
      can't be played, the pixbuf cell renderer management is now done on a
      cell data func that uses the DiscoveryStatus to update the cell renderer
      accordingly, this means the pixbuf and icon visible columns in the models
      are now unused.
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      player: Take care of media item discovery · 6f1cb8d4
      Carlos Garnacho authored
      All models have been added a column to store the DiscoveryStatus for the
      song, and this column is passed on set_playlist(), so the Player object
      does take care of updating the status after the song failed playing, or
      discovery failed on it.
      This makes sure we react properly to player/discovery failures for the
      current and next songs, and only when it's needed so. Discovery is a
      very expensive operation, and this allows us to stop doing it for every
      song at the time of adding these to a model/view, which means lots of
      I/O and CPU time just to know whether songs can be played, even it they
      might not eventually.
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      Updated Hungarian translation · 5723795c
      Balázs Úr authored and Administrator's avatar Administrator committed
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