Commit fce3e2f4 authored by Vadim Rutkovsky's avatar Vadim Rutkovsky

Release 3.15.2

parent a3f50161
Overview of changes in 3.15.2
* Better thread handling while fetching album art
* Some UI/UX goodies
* Notification can now be disabled
* 'The' (and translation) is not disregarded during sorting
* MPRIS improvements
* Bugs fixed:
736925 Remove deprecation warnings from AlbumWidget.ui
737142 Remove remaining gtk deprecation warnings
737571 No covers loaded on libmediaart 0.6.0
736241 Prefer embedded album art over downloaded
732151 High CPU and sluggish performance
733473 Use "Alt + left arrow" to navigate back
738465 Have a dconf switch to disable notifications
731392 Nicer empty state
729378 Disregard "The" in titles
734513 play/pause is activated twice when pressing spacebar and play/pause button is active/selected
729309 Add support for MPRIS Playlists
740211 Add support for MPRIS TrackList
740212 Bump MPRIS support to 2.2
740330 Album view - music icons are badly rendered
740524 Missing license headers in and
731639 The pictures have different proportions, influencing the effect of alignment
729459 under Artists, tracks in the same album are very far apart from each other
740490 Music "forgets" search string, but search results remain
* Updated translations and help files
Overview of changes in 3.14.0
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