Commit e2e7c566 authored by Vadim Rutkovsky's avatar Vadim Rutkovsky

Release 3.15.90

parent b69c42e5
Overview of changes in 3.15.90
* New smart playlist - Favourite tracks, all views updated to allow
making a track favourite
* All Artists is not selected by default - improves performance
* All smart playlists now retyurn max 50 items
* Playlists menu now uses popover
* Notification appears on loading operations
* Favourite songs are now displayed on search view
* GStreamer discoverer performance fixes from garnacho
* Minor UI fixes
* Bugs fixed:
744005 stars in Album/Artist/Search views
729525 Show a loading animation when Add to Playlist is clicked in Albums and Artists view
729377 Convert menu of gear button in the Playlists view into a popover
743310 Updates to Smart Playlist functionality in 3.15.4
* Updated translations and help files
Overview of changes in 3.15.4
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