Commit 9ecc8a61 authored by Peter Shinners's avatar Peter Shinners Committed by Vadim Rutkovsky

Use margin_end instead of margin_right

The loading grid view was using margin_right to add some padding.
As of Gtk 3.12 this is deprecated in favor of margin_end.
parent d1207b73
...@@ -325,7 +325,7 @@ class Window(Gtk.ApplicationWindow): ...@@ -325,7 +325,7 @@ class Window(Gtk.ApplicationWindow):
def _init_loading_notification(self): def _init_loading_notification(self):
self.notification = Gd.Notification() self.notification = Gd.Notification()
self.notification.set_timeout(5) self.notification.set_timeout(5)
grid = Gtk.Grid(valign=Gtk.Align.CENTER, margin_right=8) grid = Gtk.Grid(valign=Gtk.Align.CENTER, margin_end=8)
grid.set_column_spacing(8) grid.set_column_spacing(8)
spinner = Gtk.Spinner() spinner = Gtk.Spinner()
spinner.start() spinner.start()
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