Commit 44bf5a54 authored by Vadim Rutkovsky's avatar Vadim Rutkovsky

Release 3.13.90

parent 48ad5c17
Overview of changes in 3.13.90
* Ported to GtkActionbBar - now requires GTK+ 3.12
* Correct icoin is displayed for playlist menu (
* Better search UI
* HighContrast icons
* Improved Back navigation
* Notifications now behave correctly when paused and less flicker
* Bugs fixed:
734786 center the search results
734404 Missing high contrast icon
734122 unable to switch to all albums view after return from search view
734117 Pause button does not change to play button in the notification
732150 Remove custom player bar styling
732951 Don't use emblem-system-symbolic
* Updated translations and help files
Overview of changes in 3.13.4
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