Authored by Jordi Mallach


<!-- Copyright 2019 Jordi Mallach <> -->
<component type="desktop-application">
  <_summary>Connect to MUDs</_summary>

      GNOME-Mud is a Multi-User Dungeon (MUD) client. It supports aliases,
      triggers, multiple character definitions, command queuing, IPv6 servers
      and implements more advanced MUD protocols like MSP or ZMP.

  <launchable type="desktop-id">org.gnome.MUD.desktop</launchable>

    <screenshot type="default">
      <_caption>The main window</_caption>

  <url type="homepage"></url>

    <release version="0.11.2" date="2009-02-27">
        <p>Fix several crashers on connect and reconnect to muds</p>
        <p>Fix other problems when disconnecting and reconnecting</p>
        <p>The two connect dialogs are now merged into one</p>
        <p>Removed Python plugins from the distribution</p>
        <p>Fix character set issues</p>
        <p>Fix default color settings for new profiles</p>
        <p>Disable several options from the UI if no connection is active</p>
        <p>Fix many memory leaks throughout the codebase</p>
        <p>Remove several obsolete preference items</p>
        <p>Optimizations for MCCP code</p>
        <p>Update credits dialog</p>
        <p>Several other bugfixes</p>
        <p>Translation updates: Catalan</p>
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