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    • Mart Raudsepp's avatar
      Quick-fix custom connection support · b1932f0e
      Mart Raudsepp authored
      Properly pass a required profile construct-only property to the
      MudConnection_view constructor. Because the default profile
      handling code is still missing, pass the first profile in sequence
      for now, instead of the default profile.
  12. 07 Jan, 2019 2 commits
  13. 06 Jan, 2019 5 commits
    • Piotr Drąg's avatar
      Update Polish translation · 7004670b
      Piotr Drąg authored
    • Piotr Drąg's avatar
      Update POTFILES.in · 49fa2443
      Piotr Drąg authored
    • Mart Raudsepp's avatar
      Tweak mud input CSS workaround better · d1a56306
      Mart Raudsepp authored
      Don't set the CSS name on the stack in C code, as that might affect
      regular theme styling of stacks. Instead set a class on the
      GtkScrolledWindow in the UI file, have that class name be namespaced
      and apply the workaround based on that.
    • Mart Raudsepp's avatar
      Delete the tray (status icon) · c2441e38
      Mart Raudsepp authored
      Not exactly a favored concept in GNOME3, and all we did was allow
      to hide the window into tray, and show connection status, but that
      was not working due to always same icon used since some old
    • Mart Raudsepp's avatar
      Bump gtk+ requirement to 3.22 · efb146d8
      Mart Raudsepp authored
      GtkScrolledWindow:max-content-height and :propagate-natural-height
      are used in mud-window-view.ui, which are new in 3.22; if those
      properties don't work due to older gtk+, the input box wouldn't
      really work correct at all with the new approach for gtk3.
  14. 05 Jan, 2019 4 commits
    • Mart Raudsepp's avatar
      input-view: Raise UI file interface gtk+ requirement · f16cebae
      Mart Raudsepp authored
      GTK_STACK_TRANSITION_TYPE_OVER_DOWN_UP is used, which is new in 3.14.
      I don't know if this matters in any way, or what exactly this comment
      is used for, but just being safe and correct after remember this.
    • Mart Raudsepp's avatar
      connection-view: Fix header to say the correct license · ae37a180
      Mart Raudsepp authored
      Simply forgot to change it to "2" there (but SPDX was edited) after
      using a license boilerplate text inserting IDE snippet.
    • Mart Raudsepp's avatar
      Refactor and improve mud input box handling · 00309aa7
      Mart Raudsepp authored
      Introduce a MudInputView class, which is a GtkStack based composite
      widget, that contains the GtkTextView and GtkEntry, allowing to start
      hiding the internals inside this new class. Now using a GtkStack
      allows to use some animations and otherwise conceptually better
      handling of this double widget thing from lack of GtkTextView
      supporting password entry. It also simplifies all the grab_focus
      calls, as this separate class now overrides grab_focus and passes
      it on to the active child, so the caller doesn't need to care.
      GtkScrolledWindow in GTK3 forces a min-height on its vscrollbar,
      which forces the whole GtkStack to be at least that high as well.
      This is worked around by a custom stylesheet that applies a lower
      min-height on MudInputView's vertical scrollbar.
      The resizing behaviour with GtkTextView+GtkScrolledView is buggy,
      so the resizing is a bit erratic. This is to be investigated deeper
      and improved still. It seems GtkTextView doesn't request a higher
      size after a new line is started until some letters are written in
      it, which is causing trouble and jumpy behaviour.
    • Piotr Drąg's avatar
      Add a translator comment to the desktop file · 83f00e00
      Piotr Drąg authored
  15. 04 Jan, 2019 12 commits
    • Mart Raudsepp's avatar
      Always enable NLS · 864e3147
      Mart Raudsepp authored
    • Mart Raudsepp's avatar
      Make use of gtk_builder_new_from_resource · c4c3a5ab
      Mart Raudsepp authored
      Allows to get rid of 143 lines of boilerplate caused by not having
      gtk3 before.
      Later on we should start using gtk_widget_class_set_template_from_resource
      and co instead.
    • Mart Raudsepp's avatar
      Update about dialog · b71d5496
      Mart Raudsepp authored
      Display VCS tag description as version if not built from tarball.
      Add myself to copyrights.
      Update program comment to be what I believe to be more in GNOME style.
      Show license reference in about dialog.
      Fix homepage link. Also fix it for log capture HTML comment.
      Use stylized translatable program name "MUD" instead of "Gnome-Mud"
      as unused (typoed) "name" property.
    • Mart Raudsepp's avatar
      build: Silence unused parameter warnings · 4ea3d34e
      Mart Raudsepp authored
      No point in dealing with those, as usually the style is to give the
      parameters proper names still, even if unused, especially with
      how widespread callbacks are with mandatory user_data parameter.
    • Mart Raudsepp's avatar
      ci: Run tests · 21127c3f
      Mart Raudsepp authored
      Currently just a desktop file validation step
    • Mart Raudsepp's avatar
    • Mart Raudsepp's avatar
      ci: Add GCC installation · d1dc11b4
      Mart Raudsepp authored
      GCC used to be installed as a dep of "make" apparently, but not
      with meson; so add it for now (and we can look at building a
      pipeline with clang later).
    • Piotr Drąg's avatar
      Update POTFILES.in · 97468728
      Piotr Drąg authored
    • Mart Raudsepp's avatar
      Port to meson build system · fe74dd0d
      Mart Raudsepp authored
      All config.h includes are removed, as it is included for all via
      -include preprocessor argument now.
      Autotools is dropped completely, except for the unused
      gnome-mud-manual bits, as the rest is remaining there too for now.
      Outdated ChangeLog is removed.
      Various autotools standard toplevel files are removed, some others
      are updated.
      As a result, we don't depend on intltool anymore, either.
    • Mart Raudsepp's avatar
      ci: Use gtk3 vte291 · 2dd7f9f0
      Mart Raudsepp authored
      Apparently gtk3 dep is implicit via vte right now; letting it be then.
    • Mart Raudsepp's avatar
      Port to GTK3 · 33d40c08
      Mart Raudsepp authored
      Some noticable regressions in this quick port that remain:
      * MUD Input box automatic resize isn't working
      * (ZMP) subwindow size forcing doesn't work for now due to VTE deprecations
        having gone away completely and not having looked for replacement yet
      * Some compilation warnings (other than deprecations) may be leftover to
        sort through; some of them might trigger crashes at runtime
      Of course lots of deprecation warnings too now, but now we actually have
      the proper replacements available at our fingertips.
    • Mart Raudsepp's avatar
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