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Other labels

  • Remove all app menus by 3.32.0. See Initiatives#4
  • Issues which cause the openQA end-to-end tests of GNOME OS to fail in 'master'.
  • bugzilla
    GNOME / gnome-maps
  • Clutter issue
    GNOME / gnome-maps
    Issues (probably) related to the use of Clutter embed (libchamplain). Such as event handling glitches, graphical glitches. Would be solved by migrating to a fully GTK-based map rendering library.
  • Deliverable
    Short term vision for the project. Approximately a two-releases moving target.
  • Directions and routing
    GNOME / gnome-maps
    Everything related to the UI, UX and "general logic" of routing between destinations.
  • Geolocation
    GNOME / gnome-maps
  • github
    GNOME / gnome-maps
  • GTK4 fallout
    GNOME / gnome-maps
  • Map style
    GNOME / gnome-maps
    General issues and improvements related to the GNOME map style