Commit fd893494 authored by Marcus Lundblad's avatar Marcus Lundblad
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route: Use icons for keep left/right instructions

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......@@ -130,7 +130,9 @@ export class TurnPoint {
case TurnPoint.Type.SHARP_LEFT: return 'maps-direction-sharpleft-symbolic';
case TurnPoint.Type.LEFT: return 'maps-direction-left-symbolic';
case TurnPoint.Type.SLIGHT_LEFT: return 'maps-direction-slightleft-symbolic';
case TurnPoint.Type.KEEP_LEFT: return 'maps-direction-keep-left-symbolic';
case TurnPoint.Type.CONTINUE: return 'maps-direction-continue-symbolic';
case TurnPoint.Type.KEEP_RIGHT: return 'maps-direction-keep-right-symbolic';
case TurnPoint.Type.SLIGHT_RIGHT: return 'maps-direction-slightright-symbolic';
case TurnPoint.Type.RIGHT: return 'maps-direction-right-symbolic';
case TurnPoint.Type.SHARP_RIGHT: return 'maps-direction-sharpright-symbolic';
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