Commit dc27b0a7 authored by Marcus Lundblad's avatar Marcus Lundblad

placeStore: Add function to get by raw OSM ID

Adds a function to get a place from the store
based on raw OSM type and ID.
parent 04e5e1c1
......@@ -309,6 +309,14 @@ class PlaceStore extends Gtk.ListStore {
return this._typeTable[place.uniqueID] !== undefined;
existsWithOsmTypeAndId(osmType, osmId) {
let id = osmType + '-' + osmId;
if (this._typeTable[id])
return this._typeTable[id];
return null;
_removeIf(evalFunc, stop) {
this.foreach((model, path, iter) => {
if (evalFunc(model, iter)) {
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