Commit bcd2012c authored by Marcus Lundblad's avatar Marcus Lundblad
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mapView: Don't try to set aerial tiles if not available

Safe-guard agains setting the aerial tile source
if it's not available in the service file.
This avoid a crash if aerial was saved as last-used
map type in gsettings and at next startup the service
has dropped support.
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......@@ -322,7 +322,7 @@ var MapView = GObject.registerClass({
this._mapType = mapType;
if (mapType !== MapType.LOCAL) {
if (mapType === MapType.AERIAL)
if (mapType === MapType.AERIAL && Service.getService().tiles.aerial)
this.view.map_source = MapSource.createAerialSource();
this.view.map_source = MapSource.createStreetSource();
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