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Release 42.0

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42.0 - Mar 19, 2022
Added/updated/fixed translations
- Slovenian
- Norwegian Bokmål
- Russian
- Serbian
- French
- Spanish
- Kazakh
- German
- Bulgarian
- Korean
- Hungarian
- Danish
- Hebrew
- Galician
- Lithuanian
- Persian
- Polish
- Chinese (China)
All contributors to this release
Aleksandr Melman <>
Alexander Shopov <>
Ask Hjorth Larsen <>
Aurimas Černius <>
Balázs Úr <>
Baurzhan Muftakhidinov <>
Charles Monzat <>
Danial Behzadi <>
Daniel Mustieles <>
Fran Dieguez <>
Jeeyong Um <>
Kjartan Maraas <>
Luming Zh <>
Marcus Lundblad <>
Matej Urbančič <>
Philipp Kiemle <>
Piotr Drąg <>
Yosef Or Boczko <>
Марко Костић <>
42.rc - Mar 5, 2022
......@@ -31,6 +31,40 @@
<release date="2022-03-19" version="42.0">
<li>Allow paralell installation of development versions and stable releases</li>
<li>Add support for the \"prefer dark style\" preference</li>
<li>Add support for maps: URIs with search queries</li>
<li>Use more fine-tuned initial zoom level for more place types</li>
<li>Show u-turn icons in turn-by-turn routes</li>
<li>Improve appdata metadata with updated screenshots</li>
<li>Use the location portal when sandboxed</li>
<li>Only use location bias when searching at high zoom to avoid problems in the Photon search engine</li>
<li>Remember the state of showing the scale between runs</li>
<li>Tidy up showing time labels in public transit itineraries by using tabular numbers</li>
<release date="2022-02-12" version="41.4">
<li>Translation updates</li>
<release date="2021-12-04" version="41.2">
<li>Translation updates</li>
<release date="2021-10-30" version="41.1">
<li>Translation updates</li>
<release date="2021-09-18" version="41.0">
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