Commit 1397a0ec authored by Andreas Nilsson's avatar Andreas Nilsson

style sports centre

parent 13aa255c
......@@ -228,7 +228,8 @@ area|z16-19[landuse] {
area[landuse=park], area[landuse=playground], area[landuse=pitch],
area[leisure=park], area[leasure=playground], area[leisure=pitch],
area[landuse=grass], area[landuse=garden], area[landuse=golf_course],
area[landuse=cemetery], area[landuse=meadow], area[landuse=common] {
area[landuse=cemetery], area[landuse=meadow], area[landuse=common],
area[landuse=sports_centre] {
fill-color: #ABCA8A;
color: #ABCA8a;
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