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      The commit merges in the "version-2" branch. Many things have been · f5bd7718
      Jim Krehl authored
      2007-02-26  Jim Krehl  <jimmyk@novell.com>
              The commit merges in the "version-2" branch.  Many things have
              been updated/changed for this version ...
              * main-menu/src/bookmark-tile-table.c
              * main-menu/src/bookmark-tile-table.h
              * main-menu/src/main-menu.c
              * main-menu/src/main-menu-ui.c
              * main-menu/src/main-menu-ui.h
              * main-menu/src/recent-apps-tile-table.c
              * main-menu/src/recent-apps-tile-table.h
              * main-menu/src/recent-docs-tile-table.c
              * main-menu/src/recent-docs-tile-table.h
              * main-menu/src/system-tile-table.c
              * main-menu/src/system-tile-table.h
              * main-menu/src/tile-table.c
              * main-menu/src/tile-table.h
              * main-menu/src/user-apps-tile-table.c
              * main-menu/src/user-apps-tile-table.h
              * main-menu/src/user-dirs-tile-table.c
              * main-menu/src/user-dirs-tile-table.h
              * main-menu/src/user-docs-tile-table.c
              * main-menu/src/user-docs-tile-table.h:
              There are now 3 types of items shown in the main section of the
              menu: Applications, Documents, and Places.  Applications and
              Documents can be either "Favorite" or "Recent".  Places
              corresponds to the list of default places and user bookmarked
              places as in the FileChooser dialog.
              * main-menu/src/slab-window.glade:
              The main-menu is now defined by a glade file.
              * main-menu/etc/applications.xbel
              * main-menu/etc/documents.xbel
              * main-menu/etc/places.xbel
              * main-menu/etc/slab.schemas.in.in
              * main-menu/etc/system-items.xbel
              * main-menu/etc/gnome-screensaver-lock.desktop
              * main-menu/etc/gnome-session-kill.desktop
              * main-menu/src/main-menu-migration.h
              * main-menu/src/main-menu-migration.c:
              The lists of user bookmarked Applications and Documents, as well
              as the list of system items is now maintained in XBEL files in
              the user's data dir.  Because of the new storage scheme,
              migration needs to be done to preserve user prefs over upgrade.
              The system area now only references .desktop files so for items
              like "Lock Screen" for which there is no .desktop file the
              main-menu provides one.
              * main-menu/src/main-menu-common.h
              * main-menu/src/main-menu-engine.c
              * main-menu/src/text-button.c
              * main-menu/src/text-button.h
              * main-menu/src/file-area-widget.c
              * main-menu/src/main-menu-conf.c
              * main-menu/src/file-area-widget.h
              * main-menu/src/main-menu-conf.h
              * main-menu/src/slab-window.c
              * main-menu/src/slab-window.h:
              These files are no longer pertinent.
              * nautilus-main-menu/nautilus-main-menu.c:
              Added a nautilus menu extension so that one can bookmark a
              document with nautilus.
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