Commit 65abb689 authored by Stefano Karapetsas's avatar Stefano Karapetsas

application-browser: Add manpage

parent a6d90b92
......@@ -12,6 +12,8 @@ gsettings_SCHEMAS = org.mate.gnome-main-menu.application-browser.gschema.xml
$(desktop_DATA).in: $(desktop_DATA)
sed -e "s|\@BINDIR\@|$(bindir)|" $< > $@
EXTRA_DIST = $(desktop_DATA) $(gsettings_SCHEMAS)
man_MANS = application-browser.1
EXTRA_DIST = $(desktop_DATA) $(gsettings_SCHEMAS) $(man_MANS)
CLEANFILES = $(desktop_DATA) $(gsettings_SCHEMAS) $(desktop_DATA).in $(gsettings_SCHEMAS).in
.TH "application-browser" "1"
application-browser \(em browse installed applications
\fBapplication-browser\fR [\fB\-\-hide\fP] [\fB\-\-help\fP]
\fBapplication-browser\fR allows you to browse installed applications. It
highlights the new applications in the beginning of the list.
.IP "\fB\-\-hide\fP" 10
Hide on start (useful to preload the shell)
.IP "\fB\-\-help\fP" 10
Display help
This manual page was written by Stefano Karapetsas <>
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