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      App: update copyright in about dialog for 2019 (10 years!) · 99b5f0e1
      Sébastien Wilmet authored
      In July 24 of this year, it'll be exactly 10 years of
      LaTeXila/GNOME LaTeX!
      From the reviews on gnome-software, I know that at least one person has
      used this app to write his PhD thesis. By going to the GUADEC conference
      I also know that one person use or used this app almost every day. So I
      think that's a good achievement. It permitted me to learn a lot, to
      practice programming during the summer when I was a student, and then
      contributing down the stack (especially to the GtkSourceView library).
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      Change application icon, take the previous gedit one · 93f958ea
      Sébastien Wilmet authored
      GNOME has changed all its app icons during this development cycle (for
      3.32). So now gedit has a new icon (only available in *.svg format).
      Since the gnome-latex icon has never been great, and since I'm not a
      graphic designer, and since gnome-latex will no longer be actively
      developed, it's easier for me to just take the previous gedit icon for
      gnome-latex, at least it'll be distinguishable from the latest gedit
      For the old gedit icon, it's better to take all sizes, not just the
      scalable/SVG one, because the SVG has not been designed for being
      rendered in small sizes (I think). Anyway, the old icon has been
      designed with all those different sizes in mind, so it's better not to
      change it.
      The gedit icons have been copied from the gedit git repo at the commit just
      before commit 376808af15c329cabbd46c03e9f9018266df2cfc (it's the commit that
      changed the app icon of gedit).
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