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How to contribute to GNOME LaTeX
How to not contribute to GNOME LaTeX
Contributions are no longer welcomed and will not be reviewed or accepted. If
you want to work on gnome-latex, please fork the project. The reason is
because, from my experience, new maintainers want to add features that don't
follow the gnome-latex principles for the user experience [1], and I would
still like to use my application the way I've developed it. And in case I want
to come back and maintain again gnome-latex in the future, I would like it to
be in the same state that I've left it, to avoid the need to fork my own
Notes to potential developers who want to fork gnome-latex
I wrote the Vala code when I was a beginner, so some parts may be ugly and not
well implemented. The liblatexila, written in C, is much better implemented.
For the build tools, parsing the commands output is quite fragile, especially
the output of latexmk. And the latex post-processor is full of heuristics, some
warning/error messages are not extracted correctly. With retrospection, it was
a bad idea to implement it like that. To have a more robust implementation, it
would have been better to parse the log file and have a log viewer, see:
In general for my other projects I now try to avoid implementing features that
have a fragile implementation (i.e. something not based on stable APIs, or with
heuristics, etc).
For gnome-latex, if the build tools break in the future, a solution is to
create a container with an older version of TeX Live bundled (or at least an
older version of latexmk bundled).
Previous content of this file:
GNOME LaTeX is hosted on the GNOME GitLab instance, you can fork the repository
and then do a merge request:
......@@ -59,7 +59,7 @@ of a jhbuildrc file is provided:
How to contribute
How to not contribute
See the file 'HACKING'.
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