Commit 10d842c7 authored by kartoffelsalat's avatar kartoffelsalat Committed by Sébastien Wilmet

MainWindow: change go-to-line shortcut from Ctrl+G to Ctrl+L

Part of implementing:
parent cfc9a5a7
......@@ -43,7 +43,7 @@ public class MainWindow : ApplicationWindow
N_("Search for text"), on_search_find },
{ "SearchReplace", "edit-find-replace", N_("Find and _Replace"), "<Control>H",
N_("Search for and replace text"), on_search_replace },
{ "SearchGoToLine", "go-jump", N_("_Go to Line…"), "<Control>G",
{ "SearchGoToLine", "go-jump", N_("_Go to Line…"), "<Control>L",
N_("Go to a specific line"), on_search_goto_line },
{ "SearchForward", null, N_("_Jump to PDF"), "<Control><Alt>F",
N_("Jump to the associated position in the PDF file. Another shortcut: Ctrl+click, which works in both directions."),
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