Commit 5d1c180d authored by Tobias Mueller's avatar Tobias Mueller

bumped version to 0.9.6

parent 4e81d976
GNOME Keysign is a tool to make signing OpenPGP keys as easy as possible.
This is the v0.9.5 release which is much more stable for pathologic OpenPGP keys
and brings support for translations. It also supports transferring file
via Bluetooth instead of the local network.
This is the v0.9.6 release which makes minor changes to i18n infrastructure.
You can get the app from:
......@@ -10,13 +8,12 @@ You can get the app from:
* Translation support. Read keysign/locale/README.rst for details.
* gpgme: Ignore KEY_CONSIDERED and CARDCTRL.
* gpgmh: Support for colons in UIDs.
* gpgmh: Default to gpgmeh
* avahioffer: Do not depend on Gtk, GLib, or GObject
* Added Bluetooth support
* Much better Python 3 support
* New translation: Brazilian Portuguese
* Translate appdata and desktop files
* Make i18n workflow python3 compatible
* New dependencies for building the translatoins: lxml
* Skip Bluetooth and monkeysign tests if modules are not available
* Removed vendorised copy of monkeysign
#!/usr/bin/env python
__version__ = '0.9.5'
__version__ = '0.9.6'
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