Commit 5dff6234 authored by Stef Walter's avatar Stef Walter

secret-store: Mark a secret item as 'used' when accessed

 * This makes the gpg-agent idle feature work correctly
parent 51606f29
......@@ -224,6 +224,7 @@ gkm_secret_item_real_get_attribute (GkmObject *base, GkmSession *session, CK_ATT
identifier = gkm_secret_object_get_identifier (GKM_SECRET_OBJECT (self));
secret = gkm_secret_data_get_raw (sdata, identifier, &n_secret);
rv = gkm_attribute_set_data (attr, secret, n_secret);
gkm_object_mark_used (base);
g_object_unref (sdata);
return rv;
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