Commit 59ad19e7 authored by Reinout van Schouwen's avatar Reinout van Schouwen

Updated Dutch translation by Brent De Weerdt <>

and Reinout van Schouwen <>
parent 89d47ef3
# Dutch translation for gnome-initial-setup.
# Copyright (C) 2013 gnome-initial-setup's COPYRIGHT HOLDER
# This file is distributed under the same license as the gnome-initial-setup package.
# brentx <>, 2013.
# Reinout van Schouwen <>, 2013.
msgid ""
msgstr ""
"Project-Id-Version: gnome-initial-setup gnome-3-6\n"
"Report-Msgid-Bugs-To: \n"
"POT-Creation-Date: 2013-01-16 00:33+0100\n"
"PO-Revision-Date: 2013-01-16 00:32+0200\n"
"Last-Translator: Reinout van Schouwen <>\n"
"Language-Team: Dutch <>\n"
"Language: nl\n"
"MIME-Version: 1.0\n"
"Content-Type: text/plain; charset=UTF-8\n"
"Content-Transfer-Encoding: 8bit\n"
"Plural-Forms: nplurals=2; plural=(n != 1);\n"
"X-Generator: Virtaal 0.7.1\n"
"X-Project-Style: gnome\n"
#: ../data/
msgid "Initial Setup"
msgstr "Eerste instellingen"
#: ../gnome-initial-setup/gis-assistant.c:195
msgid "_Next"
msgstr "V_olgende"
#: ../gnome-initial-setup/gis-assistant.c:196
msgid "_Back"
msgstr "_Terug"
#: ../gnome-initial-setup/pages/account/gis-account-page.c:191
msgid "Passwords do not match"
msgstr "Wachtwoorden komen niet overeen"
#: ../gnome-initial-setup/pages/account/gis-account-page.c:535
msgid "Login"
msgstr "Aanmelden"
#: ../gnome-initial-setup/pages/account/gis-account-page.ui.h:1
msgid "Create Local Account"
msgstr "Een lokaal account aanmaken"
#: ../gnome-initial-setup/pages/account/gis-account-page.ui.h:2
msgid "_Cancel"
msgstr "_Annuleren"
#: ../gnome-initial-setup/pages/account/gis-account-page.ui.h:3
msgid "_Done"
msgstr "_Klaar"
#: ../gnome-initial-setup/pages/account/gis-account-page.ui.h:4
msgid "_Full Name"
msgstr "_Volledige naam"
#: ../gnome-initial-setup/pages/account/gis-account-page.ui.h:5
msgid "_Username"
msgstr "_Gebruikersnaam"
#: ../gnome-initial-setup/pages/account/gis-account-page.ui.h:6
msgid "_Require a password to use this account"
msgstr "_Een wachtwoord voor dit account vereisen"
#: ../gnome-initial-setup/pages/account/gis-account-page.ui.h:7
msgid "_Password"
msgstr "_Wachtwoord"
#: ../gnome-initial-setup/pages/account/gis-account-page.ui.h:8
msgid "_Confirm Password"
msgstr "Wachtwoord _bevestigen"
#: ../gnome-initial-setup/pages/account/gis-account-page.ui.h:9
msgid "_Act as administrator of this computer"
msgstr "Als be_heerder van deze computer handelen"
#: ../gnome-initial-setup/pages/account/gis-account-page.ui.h:10
msgid "Choose How to Login"
msgstr "Hoe wilt u zich aanmelden?"
#: ../gnome-initial-setup/pages/account/gis-account-page.ui.h:11
msgid "Create a Local Account"
msgstr "Een lokaal account aanmaken"
#: ../gnome-initial-setup/pages/account/gis-account-page.ui.h:12
msgid "Use an Enterprise Login"
msgstr "Een Enterprise-aanmelding gebruiken"
#: ../gnome-initial-setup/pages/account/pw-utils-pwquality.c:94
#: ../gnome-initial-setup/pages/account/pw-utils.c:118
msgctxt "Password strength"
msgid "Too short"
msgstr "Te kort"
#: ../gnome-initial-setup/pages/account/pw-utils-pwquality.c:99
msgctxt "Password strength"
msgid "Not good enough"
msgstr "Niet goed genoeg"
#: ../gnome-initial-setup/pages/account/pw-utils-pwquality.c:107
#: ../gnome-initial-setup/pages/account/pw-utils.c:153
msgctxt "Password strength"
msgid "Weak"
msgstr "Zwak"
#: ../gnome-initial-setup/pages/account/pw-utils-pwquality.c:109
#: ../gnome-initial-setup/pages/account/pw-utils.c:155
msgctxt "Password strength"
msgid "Fair"
msgstr "Redelijk"
#: ../gnome-initial-setup/pages/account/pw-utils-pwquality.c:111
#: ../gnome-initial-setup/pages/account/pw-utils.c:157
msgctxt "Password strength"
msgid "Good"
msgstr "Goed"
#: ../gnome-initial-setup/pages/account/pw-utils-pwquality.c:113
#: ../gnome-initial-setup/pages/account/pw-utils.c:159
msgctxt "Password strength"
msgid "Strong"
msgstr "Sterk"
#: ../gnome-initial-setup/pages/account/um-photo-dialog.c:246
msgid "Disable image"
msgstr "Afbeelding uitschakelen"
#: ../gnome-initial-setup/pages/account/um-photo-dialog.c:264
msgid "Take a photo..."
msgstr "Een foto nemen…"
#: ../gnome-initial-setup/pages/account/um-utils.c:268
#, c-format
msgid "A user with the username '%s' already exists"
msgstr "Een gebruiker met de gebruikersnaam ‘%s’ bestaat al"
#: ../gnome-initial-setup/pages/account/um-utils.c:272
#, c-format
msgid "The username is too long"
msgstr "De gebruikersnaam is te lang"
#: ../gnome-initial-setup/pages/account/um-utils.c:275
msgid "The username cannot start with a '-'"
msgstr "De gebruikersnaam kan niet beginnen met een '-'"
#: ../gnome-initial-setup/pages/account/um-utils.c:278
msgid ""
"The username must consist of:\n"
" ➣ letters from the English alphabet\n"
" ➣ digits\n"
" ➣ any of the characters '.', '-' and '_'"
msgstr ""
"De gebruikersnaam mag alleen maar bestaan uit:\n"
" ➣ letters uit het Latijnse alfabet\n"
" ➣ cijfers\n"
" ➣ de tekens ‘.’, ‘-’ en ‘_’"
#: ../gnome-initial-setup/pages/eulas/gis-eula-pages.c:248
msgid ""
"I have _agreed to the terms and conditions in this end user license "
msgstr ""
"Ik ga akkoord met de voorwaarden en bepalingen in deze "
#: ../gnome-initial-setup/pages/eulas/gis-eula-pages.c:274
msgid "License Agreements"
msgstr "Licentieovereenkomsten"
#. translators: This is the title of the "Add Account" dialogue.
#. * The title is not visible when using GNOME Shell
#: ../gnome-initial-setup/pages/goa/cc-online-accounts-add-account-dialog.c:251
#: ../gnome-initial-setup/pages/goa/cc-online-accounts-add-account-dialog.c:257
msgid "Add Account"
msgstr "Een account toevoegen"
#: ../gnome-initial-setup/pages/goa/gis-goa-page.c:79
msgid "Error creating account"
msgstr "Fout tijdens aanmaken van het account"
#: ../gnome-initial-setup/pages/goa/gis-goa-page.c:111
msgid "Error removing account"
msgstr "Fout tijdens verwijderen van het account"
#: ../gnome-initial-setup/pages/goa/gis-goa-page.c:137
msgid "Are you sure you want to remove the account?"
msgstr "Ben je zeker dat je het account wilt verwijderen?"
#: ../gnome-initial-setup/pages/goa/gis-goa-page.c:139
msgid "This will not remove the account on the server."
msgstr "Dit zal je account op de server niet verwijderen."
#: ../gnome-initial-setup/pages/goa/gis-goa-page.c:140
msgid "_Remove"
msgstr "Verwij_deren"
#: ../gnome-initial-setup/pages/goa/gis-goa-page.c:186
msgid "Remove"
msgstr "Verwijderen"
#: ../gnome-initial-setup/pages/goa/gis-goa-page.c:303
msgid "Online Accounts"
msgstr "Online accounts"
#: ../gnome-initial-setup/pages/goa/gis-goa-page.ui.h:1
msgid "Link other accounts"
msgstr "Andere accounts koppelen"
#. Add some common languages first
#: ../gnome-initial-setup/pages/language/cc-common-language.c:201
msgid "English"
msgstr "Engels"
#: ../gnome-initial-setup/pages/language/cc-common-language.c:203
msgid "British English"
msgstr "Brits Engels"
#: ../gnome-initial-setup/pages/language/cc-common-language.c:206
msgid "German"
msgstr "Duits"
#: ../gnome-initial-setup/pages/language/cc-common-language.c:209
msgid "French"
msgstr "Frans"
#: ../gnome-initial-setup/pages/language/cc-common-language.c:212
msgid "Spanish"
msgstr "Spaans"
#: ../gnome-initial-setup/pages/language/cc-common-language.c:214
msgid "Chinese (simplified)"
msgstr "Chinees (vereenvoudigd)"
#: ../gnome-initial-setup/pages/language/gdm-languages.c:782
msgid "Unspecified"
msgstr "Niet aangegeven"
#: ../gnome-initial-setup/pages/language/gis-language-page.c:89
#, c-format
msgid "Use %s"
msgstr "%s gebruiken"
#: ../gnome-initial-setup/pages/language/gis-language-page.c:283
msgid "Welcome"
msgstr "Welkom"
#: ../gnome-initial-setup/pages/language/gis-language-page.ui.h:1
msgid "Show _all"
msgstr "Alles _weergeven"
#: ../gnome-initial-setup/pages/location/gis-location-page.c:274
msgid "Search for a location"
msgstr "Een locatie zoeken"
#: ../gnome-initial-setup/pages/location/gis-location-page.c:312
#: ../gnome-initial-setup/pages/location/gis-location-page.ui.h:3
msgid "Location"
msgstr "Locatie"
#: ../gnome-initial-setup/pages/location/gis-location-page.ui.h:1
msgid "Choose Your Location"
msgstr "Kies uw locatie"
#: ../gnome-initial-setup/pages/location/gis-location-page.ui.h:2
msgid "_Determine your location automatically"
msgstr "Uw _locatie automatisch bepalen"
#: ../gnome-initial-setup/pages/location/gis-location-page.ui.h:4
msgid "Time Zone"
msgstr "Tijdzone"
#. TRANSLATORS: this is when the access point is not listed
#. * * in the dropdown (or hidden) and the user has to select
#. * * another entry manually
#: ../gnome-initial-setup/pages/network/gis-network-page.c:239
msgctxt "Wireless access point"
msgid "Other..."
msgstr "Overige…"
#: ../gnome-initial-setup/pages/network/gis-network-page.c:319
msgid "Network is not available."
msgstr "Netwerk niet beschikbaar."
#: ../gnome-initial-setup/pages/network/gis-network-page.c:321
msgid "No network devices found."
msgstr "Geen netwerkapparaten gevonden."
#: ../gnome-initial-setup/pages/network/gis-network-page.c:368
msgid "Checking for available wireless networks"
msgstr "Zoeken naar beschikbare draadloze netwerken"
#: ../gnome-initial-setup/pages/network/gis-network-page.c:707
msgid "Network"
msgstr "Netwerk"
#: ../gnome-initial-setup/pages/network/gis-network-page.ui.h:1
msgid "Wireless Networks"
msgstr "Draadloze netwerken"
#: ../gnome-initial-setup/pages/summary/gis-summary-page.c:343
msgid "Thank You"
msgstr "Dank u"
#: ../gnome-initial-setup/pages/summary/gis-summary-page.ui.h:1
msgid "Enjoy GNOME!"
msgstr "Geniet van GNOME!"
#: ../gnome-initial-setup/pages/summary/gis-summary-page.ui.h:2
msgid "Your new account is ready to use."
msgstr "Uw nieuwe account is klaar om te gebruiken."
#: ../gnome-initial-setup/pages/summary/gis-summary-page.ui.h:3
msgid "You may change any of these options at any time in the System Settings."
msgstr ""
"U kunt al deze opties op elk gewenst moment wijzigen in de "
#: ../gnome-initial-setup/pages/summary/gis-summary-page.ui.h:4
msgid "_Start using GNOME 3"
msgstr "_Beginnen met Gnome 3"
#: ../gnome-initial-setup/pages/summary/gis-summary-page.ui.h:5
msgid "New to GNOME 3 and need help finding your way around?"
msgstr ""
"Bent u nieuw bij Gnome 3 en heeft u assistentie nodig om de weg te vinden?"
#: ../gnome-initial-setup/pages/summary/gis-summary-page.ui.h:6
msgid "_Take a Tour"
msgstr "Neem een _rondleiding"
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