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      Merge branch 'mcatanzaro/geoclue' into 'master' · b12f252e
      Marge Bot authored
      timezone: fix critical on startup when geoclue is disabled
      See merge request !119
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      timezone: fix critical on startup when geoclue is disabled · 4233de93
      Michael Catanzaro authored
      gnome-initial-setup is crashing on startup with this error:
      (gnome-initial-setup:85469): InitialSetup-CRITICAL **: 09:18:43.280: Failed to connect to GeoClue2 service: GDBus.Error:org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.AccessDenied: Geolocation disabled for UID 1000
      g_critical is only to be used to indicate programmer error. In this
      case, it's entirely expected that we might fail to connect to geoclue,
      so even g_warning() would be too much. I've changed the error message to
      use g_info() instead, which does not print by default, though we could
      just as well get rid of it entirely.
      Part-of: <!119>
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      NEWS for 40.beta · f263bf87
      Will Thompson authored
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      Merge branch '120-disable-existing-user-mode' into 'master' · 8a4fa6c5
      Will Thompson authored
      Disable existing-user mode
      Closes #120
      See merge request !113
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      Disable existing-user mode · 43f1870c
      Will Thompson authored
      Prior to GNOME 40, GNOME Tour was launched at the end of Initial Setup's
      existing-user mode. In GNOME 40, Shell displays a dialog offering to run
      the tour (for existing users which have not logged in, and users
      upgrading to 40). If we also run Initial Setup for existing users who
      have not previously logged in, they would then end up with Tour on top
      of Initial Setup, which would not be a good look.
      Ideally, we would like to always run Initial Setup in the "kiosk" mode
      that is used when no users exist. (The lack of this means that, for
      example, the language-selection page doesn't actually work until the
      user restarts their session.) This would also avoid the collision with
      Tour. Until we have this, disable existing-user mode.
      One option would have been to remove the xdg-autostart and systemd units
      for this mode. The downside of doing that would be that the
      .config/gnome-initial-setup-done file would not be written, so if we
      reinstate this mode in a future release, we wouldn't b...
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      data: Install .desktop file to normal directory · 1a750f09
      Will Thompson authored
      When run for an existing user, Initial Setup currently runs within that
      user's normal session. This means that Shell shows an icon for the app
      in the top bar, dash, and Alt-Tab overlay.
      However, previously the .desktop file was only installed to the GDM
      greeter's own desktop file directory, meaning that it was not found by
      the normal Shell session, and a missing-icon icon would be shown
      Previously, some distro packagers have worked around this by symlinking
      the .desktop file to the normal location. But the greeter-specific
      directory is added to the greeter's XDG_DATA_DIRS, rather than replacing
      it; so we can simply install the desktop file to the normal location.
      NoDisplay=true ensures it won't be shown to the user unless it is
      launched manually or by some other means.
      Fixes #52
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      ci: Test that the 'install' target works · a3c67dfc
      Will Thompson authored
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      Remove logic to start Tour · 2bf1bcaa
      Will Thompson authored
      Previously, Initial Setup would arrange for Tour to be launched at the
      end of the setup process, unless disabled in the vendor configuration
      In GNOME 40, users will launch the tour themselves, either from a
      [welcome dialogue shown by the shell itself][0] or from [the tour's app
      Remove all logic related to launching the tour.
      [0]: Teams/Design/os-mockups#90
      [1]: gnome-tour#28
      Part-of: <!111>