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Commit 52a6b486 authored by Alexander Mikhaylenko's avatar Alexander Mikhaylenko

display-box: Don't pass event directly to on_key_press_event()

Instead, pass keyval and state.

Since DisplayView corrects keyval, this means that Nintendo DS shortcuts
are now layout-independent.

See a378f4b8
parent bea89bd2
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......@@ -104,16 +104,14 @@ private class Games.DisplayBox : Gtk.Bin {
display_bin.remove (child);
public bool on_key_press_event (Gdk.EventKey event) {
public bool on_key_press_event (uint keyval, uint status) {
if (!get_mapped ())
return false;
if (runner == null)
return false;
var default_modifiers = Gtk.accelerator_get_default_mod_mask ();
return runner.key_press_event (event.keyval, event.state & default_modifiers);
return runner.key_press_event (keyval, status);
public bool gamepad_button_press_event (Manette.Event event) {
......@@ -94,15 +94,15 @@ private class Games.DisplayView : Object, UiView {
public bool on_key_pressed (Gdk.EventKey event) {
var default_modifiers = Gtk.accelerator_get_default_mod_mask ();
if (box.on_key_press_event (event))
return true;
uint keyval;
var keymap = Gdk.Keymap.get_for_display (window.get_display ());
keymap.translate_keyboard_state (event.hardware_keycode, event.state,, out keyval, null, null, null);
var ctrl_pressed = (event.state & default_modifiers) == Gdk.ModifierType.CONTROL_MASK;
if (box.on_key_press_event (keyval, event.state & default_modifiers))
return true;
if ((keyval == Gdk.Key.f || keyval == Gdk.Key.F) && ctrl_pressed &&
header_bar.can_fullscreen && !savestates_list_state.is_revealed) {
is_fullscreen = !is_fullscreen;
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