Commit 2752c952 authored by AndreiLisita's avatar AndreiLisita 🎮 Committed by Alexander Mikhaylenko

runner: Add new_savestate_created() signal

This will be used in the next commit to notify the display-box when a new
savestate has been created so that it will flash the screen.
parent b7e28996
// This file is part of GNOME Games. License: GPL-3.0+.
public interface Games.Runner : Object {
public signal void new_savestate_created ();
public signal void stopped ();
public abstract bool can_fullscreen { get; }
......@@ -455,6 +455,7 @@ public class Games.RetroRunner : Object, Runner {
return null;
try {
new_savestate_created ();
return create_savestate (is_automatic);
catch (Error e) {
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