Commit 196ab8cd authored by Andrei Lisita's avatar Andrei Lisita 🎮

retro-runner: Fix new savestate name creation

Use ints to store the numerical part of the savestates names
parent 33f5fb1b
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......@@ -629,32 +629,34 @@ public class Games.RetroRunner : Object, Runner {
private string create_new_savestate_name () throws Error {
// A list containing the names of all savestates with name of the form "New Savestate %d"
var list = new List<string>();
var regex = new Regex (_("New savestate %s").printf ("[1-9]\\d*"));
var list = new List<int>();
var regex = new Regex (_("New savestate %s").printf ("([1-9]\\d*)"));
foreach (var savestate in game_savestates) {
if (savestate.is_automatic ())
var savestate_name = savestate.get_name ();
MatchInfo match_info = null;
if (regex.match (savestate_name))
list.prepend (savestate_name);
if (regex.match (savestate_name, 0, out match_info)) {
var number = match_info.fetch (1);
list.prepend (int.parse (number));
list.sort (strcmp);
list.sort ((a, b) => a - b);
// Find the next available name for a new manual savestate
var new_savestate_name_suffix = 1;
foreach (var savestate_name in list) {
var new_savestate_name = _("New savestate %s").printf (new_savestate_name_suffix.to_string ());
if (savestate_name == new_savestate_name)
var next_number = 1;
foreach (var number in list) {
if (number == next_number)
return _("New savestate %s").printf (new_savestate_name_suffix.to_string ());
return _("New savestate %s").printf (next_number.to_string ());
// Decide if there are too many automatic savestates and delete the
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