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This is an initial port of Fonts to Rust. The port doesn't do much - it just loads a list of fonts and displays it. There's a lot of work to do for feature parity with the C version:

  • Fonts should be loaded on another thread
  • Font loading is off. Fonts have different names - though the algorithm should be roughly the same - and a different amount is loaded. I need to research font crates.
  • Related, font-kit is not actively maintained. We should not rely on it.
  • The font preview widget needs a rework, preferrably something based on the font manager mockups.
  • Implement font installation
  • Implement font details
  • Implement thumbnailer
  • Listen for changes to fontconfig and reload fonts

The C files mention sushi, but we don't need to implement anything for that. Sushi has moved its font preview code in-tree.

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