Commit dcdbe687 authored by Ray Strode's avatar Ray Strode Committed by Alberts Muktupāvels
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idle-monitor: fix crash if watch callback removes different watch

Right now the XSync based idle monitoring code, will fetch all active
watches into a list, and then call their watch callbacks one by one
as necessary.  If one watch callback invalidates another watch, the
list will contain free'd memory.

This commit makes sure to consult the hash table after ever call
of a watch callback, to ensure mutter never looks at freed memory.

Fixes crash reported on IRC by Laine Stump with his synergy setup.
parent 7fc9cfc1
......@@ -103,20 +103,6 @@ set_alarm_enabled (Display *dpy,
XSyncChangeAlarm (dpy, alarm, XSyncCAEvents, &attr);
static void
check_x11_watch (gpointer data,
gpointer user_data)
MetaIdleMonitorWatchXSync *watch_xsync = data;
MetaIdleMonitorWatch *watch = (MetaIdleMonitorWatch *) watch_xsync;
XSyncAlarm alarm = (XSyncAlarm) user_data;
if (watch_xsync->xalarm != alarm)
_meta_idle_monitor_watch_fire (watch);
static char *
counter_name_for_device (int device_id)
......@@ -323,13 +309,38 @@ meta_idle_monitor_xsync_init (MetaIdleMonitorXSync *monitor_xsync)
monitor_xsync->alarms = g_hash_table_new (NULL, NULL);
static void
check_x11_watches (MetaIdleMonitor *monitor,
XSyncAlarm alarm)
GList *node, *watch_ids;
/* we get the keys and do explicit look ups in case
* an early iteration of the loop ends up leading
* to watches from later iterations getting invalidated
watch_ids = g_hash_table_get_keys (monitor->watches);
for (node = watch_ids; node != NULL; node = node->next)
guint watch_id = GPOINTER_TO_UINT (node->data);
MetaIdleMonitorWatchXSync *watch;
watch = g_hash_table_lookup (monitor->watches, GUINT_TO_POINTER (watch_id));
if (watch && watch->xalarm == alarm)
_meta_idle_monitor_watch_fire ((MetaIdleMonitorWatch *) watch);
g_list_free (watch_ids);
meta_idle_monitor_xsync_handle_xevent (MetaIdleMonitor *monitor,
XSyncAlarmNotifyEvent *alarm_event)
MetaIdleMonitorXSync *monitor_xsync = META_IDLE_MONITOR_XSYNC (monitor);
XSyncAlarm alarm;
GList *watches;
gboolean has_alarm;
if (alarm_event->state != XSyncAlarmActive)
......@@ -354,10 +365,5 @@ meta_idle_monitor_xsync_handle_xevent (MetaIdleMonitor *monitor,
if (has_alarm)
watches = g_hash_table_get_values (monitor->watches);
g_list_foreach (watches, check_x11_watch, (gpointer) alarm);
g_list_free (watches);
check_x11_watches (monitor, alarm);
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