Commit ae8f1c0f authored by Alberts Muktupāvels's avatar Alberts Muktupāvels
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common: update change_keygrab parameters

parent 6328b775
......@@ -189,14 +189,17 @@ filter_func (GdkXEvent *xevent,
static void
change_keygrab (GfKeybindings *keybindings,
gboolean grab,
gint keyval,
guint keycode,
guint modifiers)
Keybinding *keybinding)
guint ignore_mask;
guint keycode;
guint mask;
gint error_code;
ignore_mask = 0;
keycode = keybinding->keycode;
mask = keybinding->mask;
while (ignore_mask <= keybindings->ignore_mask)
if (ignore_mask & ~(keybindings->ignore_mask))
......@@ -209,12 +212,12 @@ change_keygrab (GfKeybindings *keybindings,
if (grab)
XGrabKey (keybindings->xdisplay, keycode, modifiers | ignore_mask,
XGrabKey (keybindings->xdisplay, keycode, mask | ignore_mask,
keybindings->xwindow, True, GrabModeAsync, GrabModeSync);
XUngrabKey (keybindings->xdisplay, keycode, modifiers | ignore_mask,
XUngrabKey (keybindings->xdisplay, keycode, mask | ignore_mask,
......@@ -448,8 +451,7 @@ gf_keybindings_grab (GfKeybindings *keybindings,
keybinding = keybinding_new (accelerator, keyval, modifiers,
keycode, mask, action);
change_keygrab (keybindings, TRUE, keyval, keycode, mask);
change_keygrab (keybindings, TRUE, keybinding);
g_hash_table_insert (keybindings->table, paction, keybinding);
return action;
......@@ -479,9 +481,7 @@ gf_keybindings_ungrab (GfKeybindings *keybindings,
if (keybinding == NULL)
return FALSE;
change_keygrab (keybindings, FALSE, keybinding->keyval,
keybinding->keycode, keybinding->mask);
change_keygrab (keybindings, FALSE, keybinding);
g_hash_table_remove (keybindings->table, paction);
return TRUE;
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