Commit 6526f631 authored by Alberts Muktupāvels's avatar Alberts Muktupāvels
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status-notifier-watcher: fix register / unregister signal

parent 8b508cf3
......@@ -122,10 +122,15 @@ name_vanished_cb (GDBusConnection *connection,
else if (watch->type == GF_WATCH_TYPE_ITEM)
gchar *tmp;
v0->items = g_slist_remove (v0->items, watch);
update_registered_items (v0);
gf_sn_watcher_v0_gen_emit_item_unregistered (gen, watch->service);
tmp = g_strdup_printf ("%s%s", watch->bus_name, watch->object_path);
gf_sn_watcher_v0_gen_emit_item_unregistered (gen, tmp);
g_free (tmp);
......@@ -250,6 +255,7 @@ gf_sn_watcher_v0_handle_register_item (GfSnWatcherV0Gen *object,
const gchar *bus_name;
const gchar *object_path;
GfWatch *watch;
gchar *tmp;
v0 = GF_SN_WATCHER_V0 (object);
......@@ -290,7 +296,10 @@ gf_sn_watcher_v0_handle_register_item (GfSnWatcherV0Gen *object,
v0->items = g_slist_prepend (v0->items, watch);
update_registered_items (v0);
gf_sn_watcher_v0_gen_emit_item_registered (object, service);
tmp = g_strdup_printf ("%s%s", bus_name, object_path);
gf_sn_watcher_v0_gen_emit_item_registered (object, tmp);
g_free (tmp);
gf_sn_watcher_v0_gen_complete_register_item (object, invocation);
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