Commit 2bb44bdf authored by Alberts Muktupāvels's avatar Alberts Muktupāvels
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workarounds: avoid deprecated gdk_screen_get_number

parent 968b7f87
......@@ -659,7 +659,7 @@ x11_init (GfWorkarounds *workarounds)
display = gdk_display_get_default ();
xdisplay = gdk_x11_display_get_xdisplay (display);
screen = gdk_display_get_default_screen (display);
number = gdk_screen_get_number (screen);
number = gdk_x11_screen_get_screen_number (screen);
atom = g_strdup_printf ("_XSETTINGS_S%d", number);
workarounds->xdisplay = xdisplay;
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